"Churchview pride themselves on cultivating, crafting and cherishing the land, the grapes and the wine."


To cultivate is to prepare and use land for crops.It is a well-known fact that the creation of a great bottle of wine starts in the vineyard, indicating the purity and quality of the fruit will dictate the purity and quality of the wine.

Churchview has worked hard over the past 20 years to convert the vineyard from a full conventional to an organically operated vineyard. Our philosophy behind the cultivation of our vines is simple, treating the environment with respect and maintaining healthy soils and vines with organic principals will ensure pure, quality fruit.


To craft is to make or produce with care, skill and integrity.Winemaking or vinification is both an art and science to which the skills required by the winemaker arguably amount to craftsmanship.

This special ability to craft the wine warrants that every single bottle produced is a reflection of the site and speaksabout the vintage, the climate and the array of flavour profiles each season brings. It’s the difference in vintage that makes winemaking an art and the ability to bring these flavours to you that makes wine so interesting.The fruit supplied and the winemakers imprint determines quality, identity and style. At Churchview we aim to make the best possible wine we can, and make that affordable to you.


To cherish is to keep or cultivate with care and affection.

Wine is more than a beverage, it has a long and rich heritage in many cultures. Today wine is available to most of us and is easily obtained. As wine enthusiasts we want to share our products with other wine enthusiasts.

We want our wines to mark an occasion for you to cherish. It could be a daily glass with your evening meal, a bottle shared over a romantic dinner, or wine with a family feast. We encourage responsible consumption and a good guide is to always choose quality that you can cherish, over quantity.