Our cherished wine club is for our wine connoisseurs who just can’t get enough of our wines at Churchview Estate.

Our focus is to produce the best possible hand-crafted wines with as little impact on the environment as possible. We are officially an Australian Certified Organic producer! Our 2020 Vintage wines can be labeled organic. This is a lengthy and detailed process that requires many years of organic farming management throughout our operation.

As a result, our wines are pure and free of contaminants which ultimately means the wines taste better and have no unnecessary additives that may be harmful to the consumer. Whilst we are all aware of the effects of too much alcohol, how many of us consider what other toxins might be in our wines? Once you have tasted the cleanliness and purity of our wines it’s difficult to consider drinking anything else, so this is why we reward our regular customers with the option of the wine club.

25% off wines across all the ranges

opportunity to win Gift Cards

invitations to exclusive events

exclusive promotions