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Churchview Margret River Churchview Margret River

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Estate Range
The Bartondale

Luxury wines of the highest quality, crafted with the very best fruit from the very best vintages. Wines for the most discerning enthusiast.

St Johns
St Johns

Rare, unique and extremely well crafted wines made with less common varieties. Our interpretation of classic styles from classic regions.

Estate Range
Estate Range

Premium wines made from the varieties Margaret River is world famous for, with good expression of fruit, subtle complexity and offering great value.


Lifestyle wines, fruit driven, light, fresh and easy drinking. Exceptional value wines made for immediate enjoyment.

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Cultivating the land

The grape vine in its wild state is a climber and its natural habitat was the forest. Over 5000 years ago man took the vine and began to cultivate it, presumably for wine.

Wine-growers have long known the importance of soil, climate and the grape variety, a combination the French call "terroir". Today we also understand the importance of viticulture the science behind cultivating the fruit.

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Tending to our grapes

The 100 hectare property that is Churchview Estate currently has 56 hectares of vines. On the property we grow 16 different grape varieties and this is more varieties on a single vineyard that any other vineyard in the Margaret River region.

The varieties are planted in various blocks across the estate depending on the best location for that variety. Click below to read more

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Making the wine

Wine is more than just a beverage. It has been enjoyed for many thousands of years in many different cultures. Today wine is available to most of us and is easily obtained. As wine enthusiasts we want to share our product with other wine enthusiasts.

What makes a fine wine is very subjective and personal, for example someone may prefer sweet wines over dry, or oaked wines over unoaked.

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How to enjoy

We believe very strongly that our wines should be enjoyed with food and whilst there isn't any hard and fast rules as to what food types go with which wines.

We would suggest that delicate aromatic white wines should be enjoyed with delicate flavoured foods and the heavy powerful reds should be matched with strong flavoured dishes.

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The Cellar Door

The line between the vineyard and the winery is not as absolute and clear cut as it might seem at first.

The winery and much of its equipment is but a passing phase in the transition from grape to wine. All the equipment in the winery cannot itself guarantee quality, identity or style.

The Tasting Room

Churchview Estate Club

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Cellar Door VIP Club

The Cellar Door VIP Club is specifically for those of you who appreciate our St Johns and The Bartondale wines and are likely to be purchasing on a semi regular basis. Unlike most wine clubs you get to choose what wines you want. You are obliged to purchase three cases (total of 36 bottles) of the St Johns and/or The Bartondale wines every 12 months. As a VIP member you will receive a 30% discount on the St Johns wines and a 20% discount on The Bartondale wines. You will also benefit from a discount on our Estate Range and Silverleaf wines should you wish to add these to your order.

What our customers say

One of my favourite Wineries in the SouthWest for sure! The Bartondale Chardonnay and the delicious Dessert Shiraz are really special. I was really impressed with the beauty of the Winery itself, love the little duckies roaming around such a delightful setting. The staff who greet you at the cellar door are so welcoming and friendly. Highly recommend!.

Tammie Fisher

A great wine for every pallette. fantastic cellar door service. Definitely coming back here. I recommend trying something new. Even if you don't traditionally drink a certain type of wine, try it. The lovely chap ay the cellar door wont steer you wrong. Well worth the trip!

Chelsea Doulton

Excellent wine and superb service. The churchview old world wines are my new hobby.

Aoife Squeefa

And if you have a taste for beer?

Beerfarm is a bunch of misfits, brought together by the love of making great beer, served with bloody good times. We make beers packed full of flavour with no preservatives and the finest ingredients we can muster.

Our home is an old dairy in the rolling pastures of the Margaret River Region, where cattle graze the land and marron fill our dam. We turned our hay shed into a tavern, built a brewery in the round house and now people from all walks of life come to kick off their boots and drink beer.

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