Australian Certified Organic

2014 St Johns Brut

2014 St Johns Brut


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This impressive sparkling wine is made with 100% hand picked Chenin Blanc using the methode champenoise. The fruit is gently crushed and only the cuvee is taken about 400 litres per tonne. As soon as the crush needs any mechanical assistance we stop, we use only the free run juice. The fermentation process is activated naturally with wild yeast there is no inoculation. Half of the wine is in French oak barrels and the other half is fermented in tanks. There is plenty of solids in the wine including the lees this adds the all important texture to this wine.

The flavour is broader than the previous vintages and this may be attributed to a small amount of malolactic fermentation which has occurred during the wild ferment. Although the majority of the wine is from the 2014 vintage under the guidelines we can blend a little reserve wine stock into the 2014 to give it our distinctive “house” style this is common practice in The Loire Valley in France where this style of wine originates. A little of the 2009, 2010 and 2011 was used, of which the 2009 reserve stock was outstanding. After this simple and clean ferment the wine is bottled for it’s secondary fermentation, after 36 months the wine is riddled and disgorged with a slight dosage ready for the market.

COLOUR Bright clear straw.

AROMA Green apples and pears with a delightful floral lift and just hints of a sweet nuttiness. The freshness is supported by brioche a touch of almond and some caramelised honey. This is a complex wine with many layers be careful not to drink it too cold.

FLAVOUR This wine shows good balance between the fresh acidity and fruit weight, married together by the fine beads and delicate mousse. The palate is rich and refreshing with apples and pears leading the way. A good line allows for a sherbet mouth feel on the finish.


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