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It would be impossible to trace back the origins of wine. There is evidence that the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans enjoyed wine in their ancient cultures. Wine is now widely available to most in our society, but it’s how we view wine that will differ between each of us. We believe that every bottle of wine should be enjoyed, shared and cherished.


Wine is more than just a beverage. It has been enjoyed for many thousands of years in many different cultures. Today wine is available to most of us and is easily obtained. As wine enthusiasts we want to share our product with other wine enthusiasts. It is a well known fact that Western Australia and Margaret River in particular produces some of the finest wines in the world. What makes a fine wine is very subjective and personal, for example someone may prefer sweet wines over dry, or oaked wines over unoaked. If you enjoy the wine and it provides you with a positive experience then we can assume its a fine wine. To enjoy wines and all they offer it is worth following a method when tasting wines.

There is a distinct order in which the senses are brought into play when tasting wine. Quite naturally sight is the first to take part. Clarity, colour, condition and the age of the wine can be determined through the appearance of the wine. Aroma and how the wine stimulates our sense of smell is often neglected, yet is such an important aspect of wine tasting. Our wines are famously aromatic and to take just a few moments to enjoy their aroma will highten the experience. The taste of the wine is of course the highlight, usually the appearance and aroma of the wine will have given us a good idea of how the wine may taste. Finally the feeling of the wine on the palate is again an aspect of wine tasting often neglected but is so very important. The structure of the wine and how the wine is made will determine the mouth feel.

We believe very strongly that our wines should be enjoyed with food and whilst there isn’t any hard and fast rules as to what food types go with which wines, we would suggest that delicate aromatic white wines should be enjoyed with delicate flavoured foods and the heavy powerful reds should be matched with strong flavoured dishes.

Most importantly we want our wines to mark an occasion. It could be a daily glass with your evening meal or a bottle shared over a romantic dinner or a family feast. We encourage responsible consumption and a good guide here is to choose quality over quantity.


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Cherished Wine Club

Our Cherished Wine Club is for our wine connoisseurs who just can't get enough of our wines at Churchview Estate. Just as we pride ourselves on cultivating, crafting and cherishing the land, the grapes and wine, so to, we also pride ourselves on cherishing our loyal customers who support our family through their purchases. Our Cherished Wine Club members receive 15% off bottles of wine and 20% off cases of wine across ALL the ranges, invitations, regular exclusive promotions and the opportunity to win Gift-Cards.